Academy Work Shops

Our Academy Work Shops promote education through grassroots football.

Together with our trusted partners, we are rolling out a programme of Academy Work Shops, set to target all 17-21 year old players.

The objective is to highlight the many areas in which you need to prepare for, as well as the pitfalls associated with becoming a professional player.  This programme is extremely informative and gives you the confidence knowing you are prepared for any eventuality and leaves you free to concentrate on what you can achieve on the pitch.


We cover the following areas:

  • Protecting you in your private life, looking at prenuptial agreements
  • Career ending protection
  • Does your agent really look after all of your ‘off the field’ areas?
  • Looking after your finances and preparing for your life after football

The work shops are led by Peter Etherington, father of Matthew Etherington (Professional Player’s Ambassador, and former professional footballer of 18 years with Stoke City, Tottenham Hotspurs and West Ham).  Our partners give specialist advice, tailored to the players aspiring to become professionals.

A testimonial from a recent work shop at Ipswich Town FC Academy was given by  Matthew Clarke, Head of Education & Welfare:

“On August 31st this year Professional Player Magazine came into Ipswich Town FC Academy, with a number of corporate partners,  to speak with the Youth and U21 teams about various off the field considerations when developing your career in professional Football.

After an engaging introduction by Peter Etherington, various speakers from the world of investment, tax, legal advice and contract negotiations spoke for accessible, ‘bite-size’ periods about their specialisms and about pitfalls and how they can aid the players. Our U21 and U18 players were thoroughly engaged in the presentations and found the content interesting and I believe learnt a great deal from some of the topics covered. 

These are the issues that the young pros tend to forget about and it was pointed out to them that ignorance of a financial topic is no excuse and that many players have fallen into negative situations due to lack of education. 

My personal view is that it is more appropriate for the U21 group, as they have better contracts and are maybe at the point of thinking about property, contract talks or investments , however, our whole group were engaged enough to ask good questions at the conclusion and raise a couple of points that were well addressed by the panel.

At the end of the 90 minute session many of the players completed an invitation card to have various members of the panel return for sub-group or individual sessions.  A positive reflection of the day.

This was an manageable session and a valuable one for the young pros to realise with developing careers comes financial requirements and is something that they absolutely require.”

Other player reviews have included this one from an U21 player (19) who commented:

“ I could have done with that talk before I signed my contract because I now have a problem with my accommodation allowance”.

Middlesborough FC said:

“We found your specialist advisers knowledge of their specific expertise a huge benefit.  We would recommend any club or association using ‘The Professional Player’ as it can only give young professionals a much better understanding of the help and advice available to them. “

If you are interested in holding an Academy Work Shop at your club, email to find out how.

The workshop presented by the staff at Professional Player was a really worth while exercise. The information within the presentation was in my opinion the best information and advise our young players can be given. All the advice they were given, was valuable and had clarity. A must do work shop for all young professional players." David Lee, Bolton Wanderers Football Club

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