Fashion Trend Report

Your fairy godmother, Cleo Lacey has compiled a list of five items which will ensure you enter spring fully prepared, and looking the best you can. All five of her key pieces will slot seamlessly into your current wardrobe, helping refresh your look for when the temperature is still cool but starting to warm up…

Designer items that cost thousands of not really in many people’s budgets these days.  Or you know, ever.  But Cleo thinks there are certain items that make sense to save up for and keep in your wardrobe forever.  She’s rounded up her 7 picks of designer pieces to invest in and that will never go out of style, so you’ll have no regrets about shelling out that amount of money!..

We find also find out what the Mens and Womens Top 5 Grooming Products are for this season!

And we feature our exclusive fashion trend reports on former Hull City captain Ian Ashbee’s new career selling luxury watches for Blowers, Brentford FC midfielder’s swim short company Thomas Royall, and Denham The Jeanmaker.


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