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When working with Professional Player, brands are able to tailor their offer to a predominantly male audience, aged between 18 and 35, many of whom are high net worth individuals.  In fact, up to 90% of the readership is within that category. There are very few other avenues in the marketing world which offer this same targeted approach, particularly within the football world.

Footballers are a traditionally tough audience for many reasons; some have been ill-advised before and are therefore more wary about future purchases, some are surrounded by people who make their decisions for them. But working with Professional Player provides brands with a ‘seal of approval’ for players, as you are being endorsed by a brand that they trust.

However, let’s not forget the 10% of our readership who are the wives and partners of the players. We have a dedicated section within the magazine now which is solely targeted towards the ladies and feedback has been great. This allows brands to showcase their full range of products within the magazine, but with very different messages where required.


found the magazine
a useful guide


had used a service
in the magazine


told a friend about
the magazine


knew who owned
the magazine


said that their wives
read the magazine


related to an article that they had read in the magazine


took it home with them


kept the magazine

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