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One Glove – Playing For Keeps

The ONE Glove Company are UK-based and, for a number of years, have gone head-to-head with the biggest sports brands on the planet. As Professional Player discovered from managing director Miles Leighton and Watford keeper Rob Elliot, their innovative approach has cemented their position as a key player in what is a competitive market.

‘It’s not a flaw to plan for life after football’

As one of the UK’s top performance psychologists, Katie Warriner has worked with the biggest names in global sport. As well as helping the footballing and rugby elite with everything from dressing room bust-ups to penalty-taking, she assists players with preparing for life after retirement and has also worked behind the scenes with Team GB for years. As well as her day job, Londoner Katie, 38, has co-authored a new book with national treasure Marcus Rashford and sports journalist Carl Anka, aimed at inspiring younger generations. We caught up with Katie to hear more about her work…