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In issue 21 we got to chat
with the multi-talented DJ Colin Francis

From a budding footballer at West Ham United to a superstar DJ renowned for his chart-topping Marbella compilations. Colin Francis told Professional Player’s Luke Nicoli about the career move that has changed his life. Read more in our latest issue of Professional Player Magazine


Issue 19 Professional Player spoke with DJ V Smoove

The 43 year old, who is the official DJ for sporting brand Under Armour, never plans in advance what he’s going to play on a particular night – meaning each night is fresh and exciting, as he looks at what the crowd loves and wants rather than what he thinks he should be playing. Flexibility is the name of the game here. DJ V Smoove’s willingness to experiment means that he’s at the forefront as one of the new breed of open format DJ’s – as his sets can’t be pigeon-holed into a certain one genre.

Social media and contact details:

Mixcloud –
Email –

Issue 19 Professional Player spoke with DJ Nathan Dawe

He’s one of the most sought-after DJ’s in the country, but Nathan Dawe doesn’t  just fill the dancefloor, he gets it rocking. Time and time again. Professional Player’s Anthony Bunn chatted to him about his formative years, his big break, Burton, meeting heroes, football, and why the likes of 50 Cent and Drake want to hire him!

“For me, every night you have to entertain. None of my sets are ever planned – they’re all off the cuff. I might have a brief idea of what I will be playing, but I never have a set planned out. I’ll get  my laptop out, but simply go with the crowd… I usually get a feeling after the first song what I think will rock that crowd, that night”

Online mixes at:
soundcloud  |  mixcloud
Twitter: @nathandawe
Instagram: @djnathandawe

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If you had to produce a mix as a soundtrack to a football match – what songs would you include? "I think right now it would consist mainly of tracks from Drake - he inspires all kinds of people with his lyrical energy and he is the most in demand rapper at the moment." - DJ Russke

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