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With the recent events of Dele Alli and other professionals being brought into the spotlight in recent months; reports of serious assaults, targeted break-ins and high-risk profiles being attacked are all sadly now quite a common occurrence.
The threat of attacks on VIP individuals and those with assets of financial worth has inspired a surge in demand for the services of a close protection officer, or other executive protection services from private security firms.
Priority Security Group understands professionals have a lifestyle which they uphold and maintain and from this have incorporated the role of Close Protection Officer, to work alongside the client.
Therefore, Priority Security Group offers unique and bespoke Close Protection Services tailored specifically to the individual.

Our professional Close Protection Company provides our clients with personal protection and security consultancy to include but not limited to, Corporate Executive Protection, VIP Bodyguard Services, executive travel, Diplomatic Protection, Asset Protection, High Threat Protection, and PSD Protection to fulfil every type of need suitably.
As a highly competitive company, Priority Security Group can provide you with chauffeurs, counter-surveillance and residential security bringing dog handlers and security teams should they be required.
Our bodyguards come from an extensive background with many years of experience often from backgrounds in The Armed Forces, Police Service, Specialist Protection Units, UK Special Forces (SAS, SBS) and Military Police.
They are considered as some of the best in the world offering first-class experience and knowledge.

‘When you hear about people getting robbed, you never think it is going to happen to you… it’s heartbreaking’ Paul Gascoigne

Using our combined years of experience and expertise we can devise a bespoke security plan to suit individual needs, providing the very best personal security service.
We understand that privacy protection and professionalism is vital and that every person and situation require different security measures and systems to prevent attacks.
We implement thorough risk and threat assessments to provide bespoke protection services that are tailored to specific needs and requirements. It is important when it comes to our clients’ lifestyle that we also provide a proactive service delivery as security consultants, meaning we are able to accommodate personal needs, bookings reservations, travel and security requirements throughout using our service leaving no stone unturned when using priority.
Security for any occasion or event with bodyguard level protection being our forefront, you can imagine our level of professionalism when it comes to general security corporate events.

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