Now Is The Time To Future-Proof Your Finances

Meet the team – Richard and Christy Ilgmann – ready to help and support with your financial plans.

Bringing bespoke wealth management to footballers past, present and future, Dane Valley Financial Services prides itself on offering a uniquely personal touch. Established in April 2018 by Principal Advisor Richard Ilgmann, the Cheshire-based company is an Associate Partner of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, one of the UK’s largest financial management businesses.

Specialising in a range of services from investment advice to tax and estate planning, protection and mortgages, Richard explains: “We offer a full package of holistic financial planning. We’re not like a big call centre or corporate company, as our services are tailored to the individual. We like to think of ourselves as the extended arm of a client’s family.”

Covering the whole of the UK, Dane Valley Financial Services has deep roots within the footballing world. “I was a semi-pro player in my younger days, and we have lots of connections in the game,” adds Richard. “We remove the day-to-day financial stresses so that players can focus on staying fit. It’s what we’re passionate about, and it benefits the clubs too because a relaxed player is far better than a stressed one.”

Planning for life after the game is a vital part of the service. “Every player needs structure in their financial plan because life-changing amounts of money are involved. It’s never too late to think about it – there’s always something we can do to make a client more financially successful, whether you’re 19 or 90. We also believe it is very important to have a financial advisor, as our advice should put the client in a position to be wealthier – through things like tax savings or better mortgage rates.

‘I was a semi-pro player in my younger days, and we have lots of connections in the game’

Richard and his team advise on everything from financing cars to buying commercial property. “We see ourselves as financial coaches, and act as a sounding board for players so that they can fully understand all the finer details.”
Face-to-face contact lies at the heart of the business, and he adds: “We think it’s so important that clients can see the whites of our eyes. That’s one of the things that makes us bespoke, and establishing personal connections is what we really value.”

Our services: Dane Valley Financial Services take the stress out of money management by offering:

Investment management and planning
Wealth management
Retirement planning
Pension advice
Tax planning
Insurance and protection

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