Golf EXV

Golf EXV is a Private Golf Membership exclusively for Celebrities, International Sports Stars and Elite Athletes. They are considered the perfect golfing partner for this specific clientele, which invests in prestige, quality, discretion and exclusivity.

Golf EXV provide their Members with a truly dedicated VIP service, which delivers the very best the golfing world has to offer – such as playing prestigious international venues, golf-concierge services, VIP hospitality at The Majors, Club Tournaments, and elite one-to-one coaching with The Golf EXV Elite Performance Team.

The Team is trusted by Tour Players, A-list Hollywood Actors, Grammy award-winning Singers and Musicians, and International Athletes and Sports Stars. It is a Team of highly respected and highly regarded elite professionals acknowledged for working with some of the biggest Stars in the world and dedicated to coaching golf, health, nutrition and fitness to the very highest level.

Golf EXV is a global service designed to accommodate International VIPs with busy schedules both at work and home. We are proactive as well as reactive – whether it’s to organise a round of golf locally, playing with Tour Players and Past Champions, co-ordinating with celebrity events, or arranging a luxury coaching retreat in Dubai.

In addition to their own teams based around the world, Golf EXV benefit from a global network of trusted venues, teams and individuals built from 130 combined-years in golf. With this comes a genuine love for golf, an appreciation of the finer things the golf world has to offer, and a desire to create simply the best, most unique and inspiring golf experiences in the world.

To be considered for Membership, or to find out more information, please email them, or call their London office.

Golf EXV – Exclusive. VIP.

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