XPRO is an organisation that assists former professional footballers in adjusting to life after football. Many players suffer post career problems such as financial troubles, further employment and health issues. The age of the player leaving the game to find a new career can be very young and the adjustment to everyday life can be difficult for many. XPRO experience many young players who find it very challenging in many ways. XPRO have put in place strategic partners to provide specialist services to its members that assist an ex-pro in day-to-day life.

Professional Player Magazine have the same ethos as XPRO and believe in what XPRO are trying to achieve. XPRO have been working with Professional Player for 12 months now, which has benefitted XPRO by raising our profile and creating awareness within football, to help players adjust to life after football.

Geoff Scott, CEO of XPRO charity has attended over 100 prison visits to players who have left the pro game and found themselves in trouble with the law. His help and guidance when visiting former players has been a major help and his ability to discuss future options whilst in prison has been comforting. Although a difficult position to be in, he demonstrates his experience and leadership qualities when discussing how to look forward to the possibilities to a better future and how to achieve this.

In time, our goal is to make the transition from player to former player seamless

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