8th May 2015

Welcoming Professional Player’s new Partner – Just Imagine Food for Sport

Freshly prepared performance enhancing meals are delivered to clients home all ready to be re-heated.

Mark has over 30 years experience as a Chef and has been trained to Michelin Star standard. Only totally fresh, organic ingredients are selected, with great emphasis on quality local and seasonal produce. Mark now works with leading Nutritional Therapist, Abbie Norbury to deliver the delicious and nutritious ‘Just Imagine Food for Sport’ experience.

Why use us?

Nutritious Delicious – Personally tailored ready meals that meet or exceed  complex sports nutritional requirements.

Ultimate in convenience – Have a week’s supply of tasty tailor-made meals planned out by a leading chef and delivered to your door.

Designed for your sport – Regular menu consultations – totally bespoke and arranged around each athlete using total discretion and confidentiality.

Performance food groups – Consuming the right super foods is proven to enhance sports performance, endurance, match fitness and maximises general health.

Contact Details

Call +44 (0) 7974 197430

Email sport@justimaginefoods.com

Website www.justimaginefoods.com

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